Good Stuff Journal exists to create a community of people who appreciate the good stuff in life. As humans, we have an inherent need for a sense of belonging, which connects us both outwards and inwards. This community intends to be that space, for you, me, and all of us.

Good Stuff Journal is an attempt to share the warmth of a personal, physical letter, albeit in the form of an email. It will come with personal recommendations on stuff to read, reflect, do, watch, listen to, cook/bake/make. The aim is to bring to you surprises you usually wouldn't have come across otherwise. While on some days, it may seem like diary entries and personal observations, it will always be stuff that has added value to our lives, and which we hope would do to yours too!

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Subscribing is a great way to support the community, get the letters sent directly to your inbox, and stay up to date on what’s up on this end. In a world consumed by bots, noise, and "big breaking news", Good Stuff Journal, intends to give you a moment to pause, and in doing so, connect you with a community with similar intents. See you on the other side?

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